The Only Thing I Care About In 'The Defenders' Is Jessica Jones

The Only Thing I Care About In 'The Defenders' Is Jessica Jones

The show unites all of Marvel's "Hell's Kitchen Heroes" for the first time. In that clip, Punisher could be seen traveling to New York City - a destination also seen in the video above - Alabama, and even Juarez, Mexico.

DC and Warner Bros. have been killing it with their animated movies over the past decade or two, many of which can be found on Netflix - try the gritty Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox to get a taste of what they're doing. The Marvel shows on Netflix all have a similar slightly low-rent vibe, with unimaginative cinematography, bland fight scenes (with a few exceptions, particularly in The Defenders) and a weird overuse of coloured background lighting - once you notice it, you can't unsee it.

What is "The Defenders" about?

Whether you're watching on your laptop or on an Apple TV or another device, Netflix is gonna shove the Defenders credits into a corner and suggest other things to watch (like the Oscar nominated film Lion, for some reason). What is the goal of the massive hole Matt Murdock and Elektra Natchios discovered in Daredevil Season 2? Everyone's great but Krysten (Ritter) is a true talent and I love the fact that you meet Matt and Jessica and they nearly know they're not going to like each other.

COX: "But these characters have been read and beloved for years, and it's important to a lot of people that we get it right".

He also shares that there is an undeniable chemistry between his character, Danny Rand, and Colter's Luke Cage. It ended up creating a man full of super strength who has almost impenetrable skin.

Danny and Colleen have a new home
Danny and Colleen have a new home

In an interview with Digital Spy, Finn Jones (Danny Rand/Iron Fist) teased that the end of The Defenders will serve as the set-up for what comes next. Rand is the son of a rich corporate father who sort of inherits the company. And then Iron Fist came down the pipe, and we all knew that our insane pipe dream wasn't so far off. They include nurse Claire, who was featured in all four of the series and helped patch up the various heroes when they were seriously hurt.

Luke Cage, Punisher, Iron Fist, Jessica Jones, Daredevil. In addition to that, there's lawyer Jeri Hogarth and mysterious Chaste leader Stick.

When does it come to Netflix?

Cage is readjusting to life outside of prison, Jones is attempting to distance herself from her private investigating venture, while Daredevil is back to his daily courthouse job having hung up the spandex.

Netflix's latest Marvel Comics-inspired series, Marvel's The Defenders, drops Friday, Aug. 18, at 12:01am PT, and ahead of that, the streaming service released a final trailer for the show on Thursday morning.