10 missing, 5 injured after U.S. destroyer collides with oil tanker

10 missing, 5 injured after U.S. destroyer collides with oil tanker

A search and rescue mission is underway, the Navy says, after the guided-missile destroyer USS John S. McCain collided with a merchant vessel on Monday. Assisting in that process are tug boats from Singapore, the Republic of Singapore Navy ship R.S.S.

McCain is now sailing back to port using its own power, according to the Navy. The full extent of damage and any injuries have yet to be determined.

Merchant marine websites describe the Alnic MC as a 30,000-ton, 600-foot-long oil tanker flying a Liberian flag.

"In addition to tug boats out of Singapore, the Republic of Singapore Navy ship RSS Gallant, RSN helicopters and Police Coast Guard vessel Basking Shark are now in the area to render assistance", said the 7th Fleet. The ship data showed it was "ballasting", meaning that it was not loaded full of oil for cargo.

The US Navy said last week it had removed the two senior officers and the senior enlisted sailor on the USS Fitzgerald, which nearly sank off the coast of Japan after it was struck by a Philippine container ship early on 17 June.

The waterways around Singapore are some of the busiest and most important in the world, carrying around a third of global shipping trade.

The Singapore harbor authorities can't be reached for comments for the time being.

Malaysia has sent two naval ships to join the search and rescue efforts after a U.S. Navy ship collided with a tanker in Southeast Asian waters.

The latest incident marks the fourth mishap involving USA ships in the Pacific this year, Fox News reported.

U.S. Sen. John McCain tweeted that he and his wife Cindy are keeping the sailors aboard the USS John S. McCain in their prayers. Seven U.S. sailors lost their lives in that incident and just last week the Navy relieved the USS Fitzgerald's commanding officer, executive officer and senior enlisted sailor for mistakes that led to a deadly crash.