Israeli Forces Detain Several Palestinians in Occupied Territories

The Palestinian Health Ministry confirmed the 17-year-old had been killed on Saturday, but did not elaborate on the circumstances of the death.

Last month, another Palestinian teenager was killed by Israeli soldiers during clashes between Palestinian protesters and Israeli soldiers on the borders of Gaza, according to a Palestinian official.

A photo of the Palestinian, named by local sources as Qutayba Ziad Zahran from the Tulkarm governorate, later circulated on social media.

Though the administration has a clear interest in forming a peace agreement between Israel and the Palestinians, as evidenced by the fact that Abbas has met with Trump envoys "about 20 times since the beginning of his term", the Palestinian leader said that Trump's people constantly made promises they didn't keep.

Another officer opened fire at him, Samri said.

More than 294 Palestinians or Palestinian citizens of Israel and 47 Israelis have been killed since October 2015, when a wave of unrest broke out.

Separately, in the Jenin district, local sources said Israeli forces had raided the town of Bartaa, searched a gas station in the area, and installed military checkpoints at the several streets of the town, stopping each passing Palestinian and checking their IDs.

Sameh Shukri said that the ministers discussed a solution for the establishment of a Palestinian state with the capital of East Jerusalem.

They demanded Israel to respect the historical and legal status quo in Al Aqsa Mosque and to stop all unilateral measures aimed at changing the Arab, Islamic and Christian identity of East Jerusalem.

Senior Palestinian official, Ahmed Majdalani, told the Voice of Palestine that there are no signs the U.S. delegation to Palestine will make any progress in breaking the deadlock in peace talks.