Trump Pegs Hillary Clinton With A Golf Ball In Retweet

Trump Pegs Hillary Clinton With A Golf Ball In Retweet

"Too bad", the president wrote.

Trump also retweeted a meme suggesting he will win all 50 states in the 2020 presidential race, and several memes crediting him for boosts in the economy since taking office.

The animated GIF spliced together a clip of Trump swinging a golf club with footage of Clinton falling, apparently edited to appear as if a golf ball had struck her down. Clinton falls, appearing to have been injured as a staff member helps her to her feet.

Clinton had been back on the Republican president's Twitter feed in recent days as she promoted "What Happened", her new book about the 2016 presidential election, with Trump resuming his campaign attack of "Crooked Hillary". After all, he has been criticized multiple times as having golfed more in his first 8 months as President as Obama had in his entire 8 years.

In July, Trump retweeted a video of himself pummeling a wrestler with a CNN logo for a head. Discuss in the comments section below. It's unclear if Mr. Trump was referring to North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un. "I spoke with President Moon of South Korea last night". And another shows an all-red map of the U.S. "Keep it up Libs". Long gas lines forming in North Korea. Three were from an account called "Trumpism 5.0", which included a train "wearing" a "Make America Great Again" hat. That was also posted on a Sunday and was traced to a Reddit user named "HanA**holeSolo". The White House told ABC News that the president didn't get the video from Reddit. Mike's Twitter bio references various conservative conspiracy theories, including one that alleges, without evidence, that former Democratic National Committee staffer Seth Rich was murdered to prevent him from leaking incriminating Democratic Party secrets to WikiLeaks. "" is a social network popular with the alt-right.