EQUIFAX is now Under Criminal Investigation by DOJ

EQUIFAX is now Under Criminal Investigation by DOJ

Those whose sensitive personal information, including names, Social Security numbers, birth dates, addresses and driver's license numbers, was accessed have been advised to check their credit scores, monitor their accounts for suspicious charges and possibly place freezes on their files.

She added that the hackers have obtained access to records containing the personal data of canadian clients through a Web application from Equifax for u.s. consumers.

Widely considered the worst data breach in USA history due to the extremely sensitive nature of the data, hackers were able to steal social security numbers, driver's license numbers, and credit card numbers for an astounding amount of people.

The breach, which Equifax disclosed earlier this month, contained a massive database of information that could lead to potential identity theft or fraud. "We understand it has also been frustrating that Equifax Canada has been unable to provide clarity on who was impacted until the investigation is complete".

Equifax Canada is working in close coordination with Equifax Inc. and the independent cybersecurity firm in conducting the ongoing investigation.

The company is also telling Canadian consumers to be vigilant in reviewing their account statements and credit reports.

Equifax set up a website for Americans to check whether their information was affected by the breach, but that website doesn't work for Canadians.

More fallout is coming from the massive data breach at Georgia-based Equifax.

Cyber security expert Apolonio Garcia says consumers will get more protection out of professional credit monitoring services.

But it has been slow to update victims outside the U.S.

Equifax said Canadians will be notified by mail if their information was compromised. Now, investigators want to know if Equifax officials took advantage of insider information to sell shares they owned of the company's stock before the news of the breach became public.

The tool, called Apache Struts, is used by Equifax and other large businesses and government organizations, CNN reported.

Equifax, headquartered in Atlanta, is one of three major credit-rating firms reporting on American consumers.