Lorain residents worry about family in Puerto Rico

Lorain residents worry about family in Puerto Rico

An Economist/YouGov poll in May 2016 also found significant confusion about the island's status, with only 43 percent saying people born in Puerto Rico to Puerto Rican parents would be American citizens.

He reported that Puerto Rico Gov. Ricardo Rossello said Maria would be a "catastrophic" and "life-threatening" storm, both because of the wind and potential flooding and mudslides. The deadly Category 4 storm began its march across the USA territory early Wednesday after beating up a handful of nearby island nations. "I have family in Puerto Rico".

"For folks in their homes, I really recommend that you not be in any kind of sleepwear", he said during a brief news conference.

Martinez said she has sent text and Facebook messages to her loved ones in Puerto Rico, but has not heard back from them since Hurricane Maria hit the island.

Following the quake that hit Mexico and a hurricane that hit Puerto Rico, Beyoncé used her Instagram account to pay tribute to the two countries.

Springfield has a almost 40 percent Latino population, according tot he U.S. Census Bureau, and many of those identify as Puerto Rican.

Puerto Ricans gained US citizenship 100 years ago under President Woodrow Wilson. St. Croix was largely spared the widespread damage caused by Hurricane Irma on the chain's St. Thomas and St. John islands just two weeks ago. "The difficulty is not knowing when we're going to be able to communicate with them again to assure us that they're alright", Rodriguez said. "We expect more people to leave as quickly as they can after the storm", Quinones-Sanchez said. "We'll make it through", he said optimistically. But for the many people who will remain in Puerto Rico, fundraisers to help those victims are already being organized. "Hurricanes produce what are called long period swells, and those will be moving rapidly to the coast, and you can have strong rip currents because of it, and those will probably start here in a couple days".