Trump blames Clintons for North Korea nuke crisis

Trump blames Clintons for North Korea nuke crisis

North Korea has made its first response to the statement made by US President Donald Trump at the UN General Assembly, comparing Trump's speech to "the sound of a barking dog". "Now is the time to apply pressure", said Abe, the leader of one of the U.S.' key allies in the Pacific, quoted in local media.

The former secretary of state argued that Trump had an obligation to both stand up for American values while being diplomatic when facing a risky situation like the one presenting itself with North Korea's nuclear program.

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Trump used his stormy maiden address at the United Nations (UN) General Assembly Tuesday to warn the North that Washington would "totally destroy" it if the U.S. or its allies were attacked. Long gas lines forming in North Korea.

North Korea is a very serious issue and diplomacy in tackling it, that has remained moribund for years, offers the only realistic answers, although diplomacy in today's world will be tough going as America's comprehensive power has decreased and that of China and Russian Federation, specially when taken together in the context of a range of issues, has enhanced.

President Donald Trump on Wednesday blamed his former campaign rival, Hillary Clinton, and her husband, former President Bill Clinton, for the North Korean nuclear crisis.

"There is a saying that goes: "Even when dogs bark, the parade goes on", Ri said to reporters in front of a hotel near the United Nations headquarters in NY.

Trump dubbed the North's leader Kim Jong-Un "Rocket man" and said he was on a "suicide mission".

North Korea later fired a ballistic missile over Japan and the United States military flew powerful bombers and stealth fighter jets over the Korean Peninsula and near Japan in a show of force against the North.

Other Trump aides have applauded Trump's fiery United Nations speech. The North has responded with a series of weapons tests and warlike and often mocking rhetoric against Mr Trump.

According to the North Korean leaders, the country is extensively expanding its nuclear program to be able to safeguard itself against any of the potential risks from USA and other countries.

Trump also spoke with Chinese President Xi Jinping about the issue in a phone call Monday, according to a White House statement.

While China did vote in favor of the two most recent United Nations resolutions against North Korea, Chinese diplomats have called for calm as Trump's rhetoric has heated up, and editorials in Chinese state media have continued to assail the US President's approach to diplomacy.