Rahul Gandhi Urges NRIs to Work With Congress

Rahul Gandhi Urges NRIs to Work With Congress

There are forces in our country that are dividing the country and it is very risky for the country and it ruins our reputation abroad, "Mr Gandhi said in his address to the Indian National Overseas Congress in New York.He said it was incumbent on the Congress to defend India "s reputation as a land of peace and harmony."India's reputation in the world is very important".

He also invited NRIs to join the Congress party, saying that their contribution will play a crucial role in shaping modern India. "Congress party has a vision, by focusing on building the small and medium businesses and entrepreneurship and creating 'millions and millions of jobs in India.'" Rahul Gandhi also spoke about universities in India which, he said, need to be connected to the economy and businesses across the world. "There is a divisive politics going on in India", said Gandhi. He said, 'India performs a very large number of surgeries, heart surgeries, eye surgeries, we have a great understanding of how to do these things.' If planned in advance there can be a future where large parts of medical processes in the world that could be carried out in India.

Pitroda said that the party's immediate goal was to increase its 18 overseas units to 30 and set up chapters in every major U.S. city. The biggest challenge India facing today is giving jobs to 30,000 youngsters, who are coming everyday to search jobs.

"Across the world, populism and intolerance were on the rise and the world was wondering if India has the answers for bringing about peace".

"The divisive politics was ruining India's reputation overseas and NRIs in the tradition of the great NRIs before them, should stand up to those dividing India now".

He said the single biggest thing that people asked him during his incumbent visit to the USA was: "What happened to the tolerance that prevailed in India?"

Gandhi further said India comprises of people of various religions and all are living happily because of Congress and its ideas.

The BJP's Rajya Sabha MP while raising the issue of Gandhi's alleged British citizenship accused the Congress leader of committing an unconstitutional act.

The Bharatiya Janata Party has had an upper hand in exercising influence over the NRI community in the United States, thanks to their widespread social media campaign during the last Lok Sabha election and the outreach efforts undertaken by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. We always believed that your country worked together, we always believed your country was peaceful. "(BR) Ambedkar, (Abul Kalam) Azad, (Sardar) Patel they were all NRIs", he told a select gathering. Congress has vision to solve this problem, he also said.