Eagles' Chris Long to donate 6 game checks to Charlottesville scholarships

Eagles' Chris Long to donate 6 game checks to Charlottesville scholarships

The scholarships will provide two students with a seven-year, all-expenses-paid school program, and are meant to "promote equality through education", per the Chris Long Foundation.

Long, the son of NFL Hall of Famer Howie Long, grew up in Charlottesville, Virginia and attended the University of Virginia.

Chris Long is playing for free. "Megan and I chose to try to combat those actions with our own positive investment in the community".

On Tuesday, it was announced that Long would be making efforts to help his hometown.

The socially-conscious Long has never been shy about not sticking to sports. He also took umbrage to President Donald Trump's response, which condemned "violence on many sides". Long has also been one of the few white National Football League players to participate in the pregame anthem protests that Colin Kaepernick started previous year.

"Malcolm [Jenkins, Long's teammate, ] is a leader and I'm here to show support as a white athlete".

"I can't possibly understand what it's like to be a minority and walk by a Confederate monument in a public place", Long told Eagles reporters in August.

"Some people are exhausted of hearing me tweet because they want me to stick to football but I like to use social media like I was a regular guy because I think I am", Long said, via Dave Zangaro of CSNPhilly.com.

"We want these scholarships to be reflective of what the "Cville" community is really about - - supporting one another, social equality and building up those in our community who need it", he added.

For me, being from Charlottesville, no one wants to see you sit idly by and watch that stuff happen and not say anything. "We hope our investment will change the lives of the students who receive the scholarship and in turn, those students can positively impact others".