Super Mario Odyssey: Ranking All 8 Revealed Kingdoms So Far

Super Mario Odyssey: Ranking All 8 Revealed Kingdoms So Far

Nintendo has spread out its first-party releases and bolstered its catalogue with a cavalcade of lively indie titles.

It's another strong trailer leading to Super Mario Odyssey's release on October 27th, but the dance-y Japanese Link to the Past commercial will always be my fave.

With two weeks to go until Super Mario Odyssey launches worldwide, EDGE has become the first publication to review the moustachioed hero's globetrotting adventure. Whether that will mean any cross promotion with Super Mario Run, however, remains to be seen.

A few months back, there was some confusion regarding the use of Amiibo in another game, "Metroid: Samus Returns". Odyssey is certainly one of the best looking Nintendo games ever, and the new Snapshot mode is something to be excited about. The answer, according to a new Super Mario Odyssey trailer, would be a riff on very New York-y Broadway musicals, complete with a dancing troupe in grey suits and fedoras. The trailer really does showcase why many believe this is one of the top games well worth buying a Switch for.

Fans can also see that Mario has a new look.

With Cappy at hand, Mario is given a new way of attacking enemies as well as a new way of going around by jumping on him, and a new special ability altogether: capturing.

But also it's impossible to watch without falling into the existential question of what Mario is.