Epic Games Pursues Legal Action Against Fortnite Cheaters, Citing Copyright Infringement

Epic Games Pursues Legal Action Against Fortnite Cheaters, Citing Copyright Infringement

As a result of his conduct, Defendant has been banned from playing Fortnite at least nine times. As such, Epic is suing two of Fortnite's most prolific cheaters. Fortnite cheating became epidemic following the release of the free Battle Royale multiplayer mode. After Fortnite's Battle Royale mode was released, an influx of cheaters invaded the title: Epic has since worked to shut them down. We are constantly working against both the cheaters themselves and the cheat providers.

PCGamesN reports that Epic Games is now going after two players named Vraspir and Broom for infringing the company's copyrights. Both Broom and Vraspir are alleged to have encouraged others to buy cheats.

"In using cheat software to modify the game's code in this way", the complaints read, "Defendant and other cheaters who use the cheat create unauthorized derivative works based on Fortnite in violation of the Copyright Act". In response, he allegedly registered several other accounts with different names to continue playing Fortnite and stream-sniping.

Sounds pretty serious. And the complaint has also noted, "Nobody likes a cheater".

For $5 to $15 monthly subscriptions, Addicted Cheats' botting services aid players in tracking, aiming at and killing enemies in PvP games. They also issued a threat, perhaps suggesting that Bluehole can attempt to take some legal action against Epic Games for the uncanny similarities of the game.

The cheating players implicated in the case will face charges up to $150,000 in "statutory damages", according to TorrentFreak.

As seen in the infographic attached to the tweet below, Epic Games and People Can Fly chose to not only announce the player milestone that Fortnite has hit, but also figured that fans could use some additional statistics about the game's free-to-play PvP companion mode.