Trump targets First Amendment, NBC: Darcy cartoon

Trump tweeted on Wednesday night.

President Donald Trump escalated his ongoing feud with the media by tweeting about challenging NBC's broadcasting licenses.

Trump, a frequent critic of so-called "fake news", has directed his ire at NBC News this week after it reported that Trump suggested dramatically expanding the country's nuclear capabilities - from roughly 4,000 to 32,000 warheads - after seeing data that showed the us weapons stockpile decreasing from that level since the 1960s.

Trump said that if Tillerson had really called him a moron, the two could take an I.Q. test, and there would be no doubt who would win.

Moments later Trump retweeted another O'Reilly message, this time explicitly addressing his threat to revoke the "license" of what he perceives to be corrupt, politically motivated media outlets.

Trump has been on a rampage since NBC News published a pair of reports about a meeting Trump had over the summer.

Responding to Mr Trump's musing about revoking licenses for broadcast networks critical of him, former United States federal prosecutor and frequent Trump critic Preet Bharara called the President childish. Television networks aren't licensed by the Federal Communications Commission; individual stations are, including 28 stations owned by Comcast, the parent company of NBC. "Obviously, when a public official, much less the president, threatens media outlets with any kind of legal proceedings, it is a cause for grave concern as a First Amendment matter", Georgetown University media law expert Andrew Schwartzman tells the Washington Post, adding that Trump "is ignorant over details like what the law actually requires or permits".