Arsene Wenger mocks Paul Merson in press conference

Arsene Wenger mocks Paul Merson in press conference

Merson played under both men during his playing career, but believes the English manager is a far more accomplished tactician than Wenger.

"These debates that I hear are a joke, a farce", he told reporters at his Thursday morning press conference.

These comments have provoked the obvious reaction from Arsenal fans, who have been hysterical in their criticism of their former player, although this is hardly the first time he has come out with an outrageous comment, or more been overly biased against Wenger's side.

The World Cup victor is again available for selection but Arsenal legend Merson believes Arsene Wenger should take the extreme action of excluding him from the starting line-up on Saturday.

Meanwhile Wenger last won the league title in 2004 - during Arsenal's unbeaten season - and clinched the FA Cup last term.

When asked to give his thoughts about the 49-year-old pundit coming out of retirement to play for Welsh fourth-tier team Caerau, Wenger responded: "We speak about professional football here".

"People who have managed altogether zero games, they teach everybody how you should behave".

"If I really cared, do you think I would have survived for 18 years?"

Former England midfielder and current Sky Sports panellist Paul Merson is back with another baffling statement.

"If you have got talent you have had a result - and he has talent - but I have seen players with much less talent than him have a bigger impact on games, which can't be right".