Malignaggi's Team Claims To Have Contacted Dana White For McGregor Fight

Malignaggi's Team Claims To Have Contacted Dana White For McGregor Fight

Late last month, twenty-nine-year-old McGregor challenged his former sparring partner to a mixed martial arts fight. This presentation will feature an exclusive interview with McGregor himself, captured live at the film's world premiere in Dublin.

- ScottCallard (@ScottCallard89) October 13, 2017It happens if he wants it. I have spoken to my team, like Mayweather I am with Al Haymon. Not a hope in hell. Even Joe Cortez, the Hall of Fame referee who oversaw both sparring sessions has suggested a prizefight between the two.

"I know Al Haymon's talking with Dana White". And CM Punk is totally going to fight in the UFC again.

Coaches John Kavanagh and Owen Roddy were among more than 100 guests as Conor Jnr was christened in the same location that David and Victoria Beckham tied the know. "Because let's face it, in boxing, you're going to keep more money", Malignaggi told Starsport.

"Maybe Tony takes him down and strangles him".

"This fight will pay him more, this fight will get him more exposure - this fight is a bigger fight than anything else he has".

"Because, my opinion, I think Tony Ferguson is the real champion".

Does McGregor think Malignaggi is worth the time and effort?

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) president Dana White says "never say never", but it's unlikely that there will be a rematch between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor.

On Tuesday morning, The Hollywood Reporter shared the news that Conor McGregor: Notorious will make a special premiere in the United States on Nov. 8. "Even if it's not the next fight, even if it's an MMA fight in his next fight, there's no way he should be walking away from this fight unless he has no balls".

"Tony for sure. Conor hits hard, but he doesn't have the size to deal with that forward pressure".

"And the Nate Diaz fight is mixed martial arts so there is no Muhammed Ali Act involved". Football Guy of the Week featuring the newest hold back guy Adam Smotherman (24:37 - 34:53). "I agree with fans, I have to fight".