Google builds 3D objects repository for developers

Google builds 3D objects repository for developers

These efforts to push the standards along have resulted in the rise of the aforementioned Tilt Brush and Blocks tools, as well as numerous developer advocacy efforts for Daydream, among other initiatives. Just like Microsoft's Remix3d, users can find a library of 3D content and users can remix the 3D object using Google's VR apps like Tilt Brush and Blocks.

One can also use the Mixed Reality Viewer app to place the uploaded object in real world virtually.

Google's 3D object sharing platform isn't a barren land for everyday users; they can browse everything from a rocket ship to an ice-cream cone and create lovely GIFs out them which can be used elsewhere. It's fully integrated with Tilt Brush and Blocks, and it also allows direct OBJ file upload, so there's lots to discover and use.

The objects on Poly are compatible with VR platforms, as well as Apple's ARKit and Google's ARCore frameworks, giving developers the flexibility to use them in whatever experience they want to create.

Search through "thousands" of free objects - everything from a rocket ship to a sandcastle, piano, and pirate. Found a robot you like, but need it with four arms instead of two? These models can actually be modified, so if you need something slightly different - like say moving the cheese to the top of the burger patty on that hamburger, you can. Google's innovations and creations from outside sources, such as the easy to use InstaVR suite, have made VR and AR development incredibly accessible to anybody with an interest in creating.