Jacqui Lambie resigns after learning of British citizenship

Jacqui Lambie resigns after learning of British citizenship

The Tasmanian senator announced this morning that she will resign from the Senate at midday after discovering she's a dual citizen.

I can see how all these politicians are only just having the ancestry chat with their parents now; it's not like this dual citizenship thing has made much of a stir in Aussie politics recently...

The senator told Tasmania Talks radio on Tuesday morning that she would resign after discovering that her father had not renounced his United Kingdom citizenship and it was "quite clear" that it meant she was also Scottish.

The ABC asked whether Senator Lambie or her father had renounced any rights to British citizenship, which were not addressed.

Lambie, who is also writing an autobiography and intends to run candidates in the Jacqui Lambie Network party at the next state election, said she would run again at the next federal election.

In the House of Representatives, former deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce and Liberal MP John Alexander have both been forced out.

She said she will re-contest her seat at the next election.

"There'll be checking like there's no tomorrow, so I don't think this will be an issue", she said.

"I do have concerns that there is a member of this chamber, at least one, who knows they are not eligible to be here due to their constitutionality", Senator Bernardi told the chamber.

But the next person on the JLN ticket may not be able to replace her.

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The Sydney Morning Herald reports that she told colleagues on Monday night that there would be no need to refer the matter to the High Court is she was in breach of Section 44 of the Constitution.

Devonport mayor Steve Martin is next in line, but Professor George Williams, from the University of NSW, said he could be in difficulty because of his local government position.

Whether a local council position is an "office of profit under the Crown" - a ground for disqualification under the constitution - has been a grey area in constitutional law.