Ryan case: 4 cops fudged evidence?

Ryan case: 4 cops fudged evidence?

On Monday, the accused told CBI officials and a legal-cum-probation officer appointed by the Juvenile Justice Board that the investigators had forced him to confess, according to Hindustan Times. However what is important is that the confession has led to the recovery of a weapon and hence there is credence to the statement.

CBI sources say their investigations have revealed "illegality and destruction of evidence" by the police in Gurugram, who had declared that seven-year-old Pradyuman was killed by bus conductor Ashok Kumar on September 8. When the CBI took over, it examined CCTV footage closely and found that a Class 11 student was also hanging around the toilet where Pradyuman was found murdered. "But even then the investigating agency will have to prove the case against the accused beyond doubt", said Karan Singh, a lawyer. After thorough investigation, the CBI detained the boy and claimed that he had murdered Pradyuman to get school exams postponed.

The CBI had also said that the accused had looked up methods to remove fingerprints from the weapon (a knife) that he meant to use to commit murder, said a Hindustan Times report.

As the CBI investigates a Class 11 student for the murder of Pradyuman Thakur at the Ryan International School in Gurgaon, the role of four policemen has emerged in the alleged fudging of evidence to incriminate a schoolbus conductor for the crime.

The arrest had sparked theories about the botched investigation conducted by the Gurugram Police. Yet, the student who is now the prime accused was deemed a key witness by them.

The Gurugram Police has come under the CBI scanner over alleged negligence and haste in investigating the Pradyuman Thakur murder case, and the central investigating agency suspects there is more than what meets the eye.

The boy reportedly told CBI officer and CPWO personnel Renu Saini, who visited the juvenile centre and spoke to the accused for almost two hours, that he was beaten, tortured and abused by investigators. He also alleged that the CBI is torturing his son under the pretext of interrogation.