Kim Kardashian Exposes Savage Tweet From Kanye West Aimed At Jimmy Kimmel

Kim Kardashian Exposes Savage Tweet From Kanye West Aimed At Jimmy Kimmel

Their feud started after Jimmy Kimmel chose to make fun of Kanye after his 2013 interview with BBC Radio 1's Zane Lowe in which he made a ton of grandiose statements about himself, in which he called himself the "biggest rock star" in the world.

The rapper famously feuded with Kimmel back in 2013.

The stars turned out to celebrate and roast Jimmy Kimmel on Monday night's Jimmy Kimmel Live! Adding, "It made me think - this must be what it's like to be President Trump at the White House". The Terrific Ten trailer premiered during Kimmel's birthday episode, featuring stars like Matt Damon, Jennifer Aniston, Zach Galifianakis, and more.

Damon added to the longstanding feud between him and Kimmel during the clip, taking a shot at the lame powers designated to numerous heroes and villains.

Amy Schumer: "Jimmy Kimmel you still look like a potato. Because we were created by a weird, sad kid who grew to later become a weird, fat man. F-k Kimmel", Damon joked.

He does have a point: Wanda Sykes plays a talking box of bleach. Ray Romano revealed to the late night funnyman that many celebrities have secretly recorded themselves reading mean tweets about Kimmell himself.

Clooney joined in on the fun by narrating a montage that provided a retrospective of Kimmel's life titled, "50, Fierce & Fabulous".

Some of the funniest tweets included, "Is Jimmy Kimmel cross-eyed or just ridiculously ugly?" and "Your job is to pollute the airwaves with your worthless bullshit".