IPad Pro To Come With 8-Core A11X Bionic Processor

IPad Pro To Come With 8-Core A11X Bionic Processor

Even still, it makes sense if Apple does plan to update the A11 Bionic chip - now inside iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and the iPhone X - to be more suitable and optimized for higher-level and more power-intensive tasks done on an iPad Pro.

The most exciting parameters of this generation of A11X chips are undoubtedly built on TSMC's 7nm process and are integrated fan-out wafer level packaging (InFO WLP). The A11 Bionic chip is a six-core processor comprising two high-performance cores and four high-efficiency cores.

Additionally, the beefed-up A11X will come with an M11 motion co-processor and a neural processing unit (NPU) for artificial intelligence (AI) related tasks, fuelling rumors that Apple will incorporate the AI-powered Face ID to the 2018 iPad Pro. The tablet will use Face ID but will have no need for a notch. The new iPad Pro line will also have slimmer bezel and the home button will be removed, it will also have FaceID. It announces a new AN process in a new iPhone to be followed by a new ANX chip for an iPad, specifically an iPad Pro. These are all based on rumors, however.

Other details about the next-generation iPad remain uncertain, including whether Apple plans to release various screen configurations or whether the new iPad's camera will also support Portrait Mode, Apple's latest camera feature that makes photos look as if they were taken inside a studio. It felt like a testing ground before Apple launched its impressive iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X this year.

The ad seems to be the exact response of the occasion where Micrososoft's CEO, Satya Nadela suggested two journalists using iPads to get a real computer. The description for the video also notes of the PC power, touting that "with iPad Pro + iOS 11, a post-PC world may be closer than you think".