BAD NEWS for fans waiting for big deals

BAD NEWS for fans waiting for big deals

But Nintendo, oddly, tends to stay out of the mess.

Whether it's Nintendo's SNES Classic or Nintendo Switch, demand is likely to outstrip supply on some game systems this year.

The Nintendo president said that they were also learning from lessons because of what happened to the company past year.

Unfortunately, unlike for PS4 and Xbox One, there are no Switch bundles available at steep discounts this year. Fils-Aimé also said that Nintendo is trying to "learn its lessons" from the NES Classic stock catastrophe of previous year by keeping retail outlets supplied with both the Switch and the company's newest retro console, the SNES Classic. If you're in the market for a console, you may not want to bother with the rush of Black Friday and just order one online when you feel like it. While companies like Microsoft and Sony might revel in Black Friday, Nintendo will not be cutting the price of its much-loved hybrid console.

"We're focusing on making sure we have a robust supply at retail", Fils-Aime said in the interview. However, we've still found some deals worth checking out. But contrary to all Black Friday reason, they only discounted exactly one, and it's for the worst member of that family.

Amazon PRE-Black Friday 2017 Nintendo Switch deals.

Sales on individual titles will be widespread - and the best deals really depend on which sort of games you like to play and what's in your collection. That's basically a free game when you buy the system. When you add Skyrim, Rocket League and Doom into the mix, the Switch truly offered something for everyone in 2017.

After the Switch, I don't want Nintendo to return to the drawing board again like they did following the Gamecube, Wii and Wii U.