Trump Supporters Are Coming For LeVar Burton Thinking He's LaVar Ball

Trump Supporters Are Coming For LeVar Burton Thinking He's LaVar Ball

President Donald Trump called LaVar Ball "ungrateful" for not being more appreciative for getting his son and two other UCLA players out of five to 10 years in jail for a shoplifting charge in China.

Earlier this week in his ongoing dispute with Ball, Trump said of the freshmen players: "I should have left them in jail". "Ungrateful fool!" Trump finished.

"What a shame! LaVar is simply Don King's version of a poor man, however without hair".

We start off with the most ridiculous story of the week: LaVar Ball and Donald Trump.

According to Apex Marketing Group, a company that examines sports profits, Big Ball Brand has gained an estimated $13.2 million in free digital and TV advertising since Trump and Ball have been exchanging grievances.

LiAngelo Ball and two other UCLA men's basketball players were arrested for shoplifting while in Hangzhou for a tournament.

Trump, while visiting Beijing last week as part of a five-nation Asia tour, personally asked Chinese President Xi Jinping to help resolve the case of the trio. I don't know. If I was going to thank somebody, I probably would thank President Xi. "What was he over there for?"

"It's good because woman are finally starting to come out... but I have to tell you that I'm a little concerned where we have people coming out of the wood work just to destroy someone". But Ball had no intentions of tending to the president's ego during a Monday interview with CNN.

"Did he help the boys get out?"

"As long as my boy's back here, I'm fine", LaVar Ball told ESPN.

"That's on your mind, that a father didn't say "Thank you"?" "I would be surprised if they were even prosecuted".

"All these people saying, 'Oh, I'm exhausted of looking at LaVar, '" he said in the video. Three UCLA NCAA college basketball players accused of shoplifting in China admitted to the crime and apologized before coach Steve Alford announced they were being suspended indefinitely.