Rumour: God of War PS4's Release Date May Have Been Leaked

Rumour: God of War PS4's Release Date May Have Been Leaked

God of War has attracted the attention of all players since its revelation at E3 2016.

The Chilean PlayStation Store has listed God of War for March 22nd 2018.

One speculation surrounding this news break is that the stated date falls on a Thursday which is not the norm for Sony video games.

While Sony usually releases big titles on a Tuesday or Friday, March 22 is also the release date of the original God of War from 2005, which might mean that Sony intends to release the new God of War installment on the same day as the original.

PlayStation America has listed God Of War on the PlayStation Store with a March 22nd release date.

Second, the month of March is named after Mars, the Roman god of war, and Sony has timed every console release of God of War with that in mind. We must, therefore, take this information with caution, as it could be an error. Worse yet for Sony, this is happening only days before both The Game Awards and the PlayStation Experience, where hopefully, we might get some surprise announcements, or see more of the gameplay footage, but that's just speculation on my part. The rumor is bound to breakthrough all platforms soon and therefore create unwarranted speculation. ResetEra, a gaming community platform is hosting a debate in the comment section with fans giving a mixed reaction to this breaking news.