Google to Pull YouTube from Amazon Echo Show, Fire TV

Google to Pull YouTube from Amazon Echo Show, Fire TV

On Tuesday, Google said it would cut off Amazon's Fire TV streaming devices from YouTube, starting on January 1.

While Google and Amazon continue to bicker back and forth about which company's services will be available for what platforms, it seems as though Apple has its act together, with Amazon Prime Video now available on the Apple TV. This was resolved in November for Echo Show users, when Amazon began forwarding people using that device to a stripped-down third-party app that leveraged the YouTube website, instead of a native app.

Apple TV, a device for watching movies and television over the internet, will also start featuring live sports from its own Apple TV app this week, Apple said in a blog post on Wednesday.

Amazon Prime Video finally arrives on Apple TV, but don't hold your breath for Chromecast support. There are always two sides to a feud, and the on-going beef between Amazon and Google is a testament to this fact. Amazon and Google, which is owned by Alphabet Inc, square off in many areas, from cloud computing and online search, to selling voice-controlled gadgets like the Google Home and Amazon Echo Show. Amazon later reintroduced YouTube to the device, but the voice commands it added violated the use terms and on Tuesday Google again removed the service.

"The app arrives just in time for the highly anticipated new season of The Grand Tour, which launches on December 8, and Prime Video members streaming on the Apple TV 4K will have the exceptional viewing experience of 4K HDR". Without some broad-ranging truce, in which each company agrees to treat each other's services equally and let consumers decide what's best, Amazon and Google would only be undermining themselves. Amazon's high-end Echo Show has a screen that can display video.

On the search front, any web searches that go through Siri get handled by Google, which also serves as the default search engine on iPhones and iPads. As you might know Nest is now a Google subsidiary. But where it gets odder is that Amazon sells Roku and Apple TV devices which makes me think this beef runs a lot deeper than either party is letting on.

All of which means that Amazon and Google can safely invest in the Apple ecosystem, without fear that they're creating an existential threat.

Previously you could only play Prime Video on your Apple TV through a wireless connection to Airplay from an iPhone or iPad.

Staying out of the fray has been good for business.