Bluehole offers a look at PUBG's new desert map: Miramar

Bluehole offers a look at PUBG's new desert map: Miramar

The new desert map is called Miramar, and it's ready for its first batch of contestants. With less greenery and barely any trees to squat behind, new tactics and strategies will need to be developed.

We've known for some time that PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds will be getting a new desert map, but up until now, publisher Bluehole hadn't shared many details about it, aside from teasing a few work-in-progress screenshots of the environment.

The largest city in the region, Los Leones offers high vantage points, construction sites and vast, abandoned buildings.

The area of Pecado is home to a casino, while El Pozo promises a luchador arena and a motorcycle death bowl among its landmarks.

Monte Nuevo is the picture of a town besieged. This looks like a prime location for loot, which usually makes it incredibly risky. Avoid like the plague by the sounds of it. Careful players should loot the schools and campuses that dot this town before attempting to hold the Yard.

Once a tourist destination featuring the largest casino in the region, Pecado continues to thrill players to this day with its mix of high-value loot and unsafe sightlines.

Judging by the map, other hot spots will probably include the Prison and the "Campo Militar", which we assume will be good for fist-fighting upon landing.

Developers did not give an exact release date for Miramar but said it will be playable in PUBG's test server before the game hits its 1.0 version on PC, which is said to be coming sometime this month. This, alongside the aforementioned pickup-up truck, and a sawn-off shotgun.