Thieves Rob R. Kelly's Atlanta-Area Home Dry

Thieves Rob R. Kelly's Atlanta-Area Home Dry

According to the police report obtained by the local Atlanta news station, the housekeeper arrived to clean Kelly's home on Old Homestead Trail on November 27 only to find an nearly empty house. The cops then found broken window at the back of the house where they believe the intruders entered.

If you know the whereabouts of Walker, contact Johns Creek Police.

Alfonso Walker, 50, is facing charges of burglary and theft, and remains on the run.

Neighbors noticed suspicious vehicles at one of the homes over the course a week, with people moving items, but Byers said they didn't find it alarming because the men "were doing it in broad daylight and weren't acting like your typical burglar". Investigators said they were able to tie the thefts to one of Kelly's associates named Alfonso Walker. Kelly's employee told police another home rented by the singer was also robbed.

One Snellville man who purchased items told Petchenik the situation has been a "nightmare" for him. Police obtained a search warrant for Walker's home, where they recovered some of the stolen property and Walker gave conflicting accounts of just how all of R. Kelly's stuff ended up in his house.

WSB-TV was first to report the news.

Walker was reportedly supposed to turn himself in on Tuesday, but never did.