LA swatting suspect also linked to false 911 call in Canada

LA swatting suspect also linked to false 911 call in Canada

The Los Angeles suspect in a fatal swatting incident in the United States has been charged by Calgary police for a similar, but non-fatal, hoax.

Police have said 28-year-old Andrew Finch was shot after a prankster called 911 two weeks ago with a fake story about a shooting and kidnapping at Finch's Wichita home.

Police and the FBI are investigating whether that prank call was prompted by an online gaming dispute, according to The Associated Press.

The Calgary Sun reports officials there have issued warrants for the arrest of Tyler Barriss, the suspect in the Wichita incident.

The Calgary Police Service alleges that Barriss called 911 around 7:40 p.m. and told an operator he killed his father and was holding his mom and younger brother hostage in the 2300 block of 17b Street S.W. The caller gave officers an address, where tactical officers quickly responded, contained the scene and began evacuating nearby units. It's alleged Barriss dispatched them to that man's address in another alleged swatting call. A short time later 911 received a call from a woman who lived at the home claiming she believed she was a swatting victim. Police did not release the victim's identity but say she "was targeted because of her online persona".

Calgary Police Services Duty Inspector Peter Siegenthaler (Courtesy: Calgary Sun) Click on photo to view the complete article from the Calgary Sun and play video of department's media briefing.

Andrew Finch was fatally shot by police on December 28.

"We take swatting events extremely seriously and will investigate each incident thoroughly", Calgary cops said. The woman exited the home and officers confirmed the initial report of a shooting and hostage situation was false, police said.

Barriss has been charged in Kansas with making a false alarm - a felony.

A Los Angeles Superior Court Judge said that Kansas authorities have to pick up Barriss by February 2. Now police in Calgary, Canada have linked him to a call made in that city on December 22, 2017.

It's also reported that Barriss is suspected in as many as 20 similar calls, including calls about school bombings at Los Angeles-area schools and a TV station.