Residents threatened by flooding along St. Clair River

Residents threatened by flooding along St. Clair River

"The difference is that we have had a couple of warm days and so the ground is now warmer, however, wet spots will freeze because of the drop in temperatures, and the rain will cause a lot of wet surfaces".

At 8 a.m. Friday, the water level at the St. Clair gauge had risen to 579.3 feet. From basements flooding in Revere to Boston's waterfront disappearing under a tidal surge, a forecast of heavy rain on top of the piles of snow is not a welcome one.

Temperatures will remain mild for much of the day, said Patrick Bak, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Lincoln. That is close to the water level on January 4 of 579.45 feet when residents in East China Township reported flooding.

Friedland said he was told all the river gauges are rising.

"Will the Kennebec River come up?"

An ice jam brought icy flood waters into yards and homes in North Lawrence Friday.

Ice jams typically occur when temperatures above freezing cause ice to begin to thaw into big chunks.

The pieces of ice can get stuck and pile up near bridges and river bends. The Hoosic River sometimes has ice jam problems as well. This results in the water flow of the river being blocked, and the river can overspill its banks and flood the surrounding area.

The organization issued a flood watch for northwestern CT, western MA, all of east central and eastern NY, and southern Vermont.

Friday's drenching rain and temperatures as high as 50 "will lead to river rises and potential for ice jams", according to the weather service. Basement flooding also can not be ruled out.