Carrie Underwood Joins With Ludacris for 'The Champion'

Carrie Underwood Joins With Ludacris for 'The Champion'

The song will also be accompanied by a video during the opening on Feburary 4.

Christopher "Ludacris" Bridges, who is featured on the track, and Underwood, the face and voice of NBC's "Sunday Night Football" for the past five seasons, wrote the song with Brett James and Chris DeStefano. The singer released an upbeat and anthemic new single, "The Champion", on Thursday, and it features an unexpected guest-Ludacris.

And if the title didn't already give it away, the anthem has a strong upbeat, inspirational vibe, making it flawless for NBC's Super Bowl and Winter Olympic Games coverage, where the song will be featured, according to the video's description. After teasing the tune on Saturday (Jan. 7), Underwood officially unveiled the track - which, surprisingly, features rapper Ludacris - on Friday morning (Jan. 12).

In addition to the Super Bowl, the song will also be used during the Winter Olympic Games telecast, beginning in February.

In an interview previous year with Variety, it was revealed that Underwood wrote the song at the urging of Sunday Night Football's executive producer, Fred Gaudelli. "Later on, our Olympics producers listened to "The Champion" and decided that it would be a flawless complement for our Winter Games coverage".