Panel backs college's dealing with of misconduct complaints

Panel backs college's dealing with of misconduct complaints

"It is not acceptable to say people have behaved offensively and inappropriately toward our students and yet no one has done anything wrong", said Elissa Newport, a cognitive psychologist formerly at the University of Rochester who is now at Georgetown University in Washington DC.

The report concludes that some students in Jaeger's department were negatively impacted by his behavior early in his career at UR.

Instead, Thursday brought another, unexpected announcement: President Joel Seligman (right) will resign, effective February 28.

The university's handling of complaints against Jaeger has sparked protests, calls for President Joel Seligman's resignation, an alumni petition demanding a written apology and a letter signed by 400 faculty members at other schools saying they would steer their students away from the University of Rochester.

The news came following the release of the independent investigation report into the University's response to allegations of sexual harassment by a professor at the University.

Rich Feldman will take over from Joel Seligman, who announced he would step down to give the university a fresh start.

"It was a very hard, and at times, wrenching, undertaking", White, who was hired by the university to independently investigate the matter, wrote in her report.

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Panel backs college's dealing with of misconduct complaints

A University of Rochester professor had multiple sexual relationships with former, current, or prospective students and engaged in "inappropriate, unprofessional and offensive" behavior with colleagues and graduate students over a six-year period ending in 2013-but none of it violated the university's policies. While the lead investigator, Mary Jo White, a partner at the law firm Debevoise & Plimpton, found that the university never retaliated against whistleblowers and that Jaeger never touched anyone without consent, she tells Science she was looking only from a legal perspective, "not a moral or social judgment".

"We have systematically promoted the complainants, we have supported them in receiving awards, we have given them pay increases".

Eight faculty members and a graduate student a year ago filed a complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, saying the university mishandled complaints against Jaeger and retaliated against them for bringing the professor's behavior to light.

Lattimore Hall at the River Campus of the University of Rochester.


She listed several recommendations, including prohibiting intimate relationships between faculty and students in the same department. She said she changed her course of research because of it.

The days ahead will involve careful review of the facts and findings and "serious decisions", they said, "guided by our commitment to ensuring that Rochester is a place of unity where all of our students, faculty, employees and visitors feel safe, respected, secure and empowered to achieve their highest potential". "Your investigation is structurally unable to get evidence from the main actors in the stories you are trying to reconstruct", the complainants' lawyer, Ann Olivarius, wrote to White in November.