Trump Spending MLK Weekend In Mar-a-Lago

Trump Spending MLK Weekend In Mar-a-Lago

The club, located on a beachfront property, was cited in November for two violations deemed high priority: the lack of smoke detectors capable of alerting the hearing impaired through flashing bright lights; and slabs of concrete missing from a staircase, exposing steel rebar that could cause someone to fall, Miami Herald reported.

The November inspection also found violations in the kitchen area, but none that were serious enough to force a failing score.

Never mind that it costs $200,000 in initiation fees to join the exclusive club, which has two restaurants and a bed-and-breakfast. President Donald Trump reportedly asked a group of lawmakers at the White House on Thursday, demanding that congressional negotiators "take them out" of any further talks about extending temporary protected status.

Authorities found expired curry sauce, while the milk was stored at 49 degrees Fahrenheit instead of 41 degrees.

Club General Manager Bernd Lembcke did not return calls for comment left on his answering machine at Mar-a-Lago, and neither did Alan Garten, the chief legal officer of Trump's private businesses.

Two of the kitchens at the resort were also written up for a total of 15 violations, including the improper storage and tracking of potentially hazardous foods.

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No violent unrest was reported

Mar-a-Lago passed the follow-up inspection.

Trump met with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe at Mar-a-lago in February 2017.


The increase in health violations may have to do with the fact Trump no longer runs Mar-A-Lago in the same capacity he did before becoming president.

At Mar-a-Lago, the season runs from November to April, when sunny Palm Beach is a mecca for wealthy Northerners escaping the cold.

Finished in 1927 after three years of construction, Mar-a-Lago was a classic example of homes along the Eastern Seaboard constructed for "robber barons" at a time when many Americans went hungry. According to financial disclosure forms filed by Trump, the club had $29.7 million in revenue from June 2015 to May 2016.