Doctor says Donald Trump in 'excellent' health

Doctor says Donald Trump in 'excellent' health

Trump regularly "speaks his mind", Jackson said, and the doctor "found no reason whatsoever to think that the President has any issues whatsoever with his thought process".

In order to make sure Trump sticks to a healthy regimen, Jackson half-jokingly said that he would get first lady Melania Trump on the president's case if needed.

Several people who were at the meeting last week or familiar with it said Trump disparaged those countries in vulgar, racially tinged terms.

"Had the other side gotten in, the market would have gone down 50 percent from where it was", Trump said.

"In summary, the president's overall health is excellent", Dr Ronny Jackson said. And his military physician, who served in the same position under two other commanders in chief, faced an hour of increasingly incredulous questions from the White House press corps after he deemed Trump is of sound physical and mental condition.

Trump underwent the medical exam on Friday at Walter Reed National Medical Center.

President Trump had a weight of 239 pounds and a height of 75 inches, Jackson says.

Still, Jackson said Trump acknowledged he'd be healthier if he lost a few pounds by exercising more and eating better.

On Sunday, Mr Trump told reporters he was "the least racist person you have ever interviewed", adding: "I'm not a racist".

Despite the diet and cholesterol concerns, Jackson stressed that Trump's "cardiac health is excellent".

"We talked about diet and exercise a lot", Dr. Jackson said during the briefing.

"It's called genetics. I don't know", Jackson said.

A White House doctor pronounced President Trump medically fit to serve as commander-in-chief on Tuesday - and added that he easily passed a voluntary cognitive assessment created to test his mental reflexes.

Asked how someone with Trump's diet and no known exercise routine could achieve such relatively strong physical results, Jackson said there was no definite answer.

The Lebanese-Canadian neurologist learned from a reporter Tuesday afternoon that the White House had selected the Montreal Cognitive Assessment to test the president's cognitive faculties, after days of speculation about his state.

The president takes 10 milligrams of Crestor, which helps lower LDL cholesterol, as well as 81 milligrams of aspirin to help curb the risk of heart attack.

He recalled that the president was on Sudafed days leading up to the December 6 speech where he discussed moving our embassy and appeared to slur his words. Jackson said he didn't feel the test was necessary.

Nielsen said that border security would require closing "loopholes" in the law - a hardline overhaul the White House has sought to be able to go more aggressively after undocumented immigrants and deport them.

After the test, Jackson declared that Trump performed "exceedingly well".