'Atlanta' Drops the Trailer for Upcoming 'Robbin Season'

'Atlanta' Drops the Trailer for Upcoming 'Robbin Season'

At one point in the quick hitting sneak-peak, the ever-philosophical Darius - played by Get Out's Lakeith Stanfield - succinctly observes, "Robbing season, everybody gotta eat", a nod to the inescapable lifestyle of the city.

FX has just released a one-minute trailer for season two of Atlanta titled Atlanta Robbin' Season. Given this risky time of the year, Van (Zazie Beetz), the mother of Earn's daughter, is only half-joking when she tells him his money making is going to get them robbed in the trailer. Season 2 takes place during the holiday season, a time when robberies spike as people both have more money and need more money.

Creator, star, writer and EP Donald Glover's younger brother and fellow writer and executive producer Stephen Glover explained the concept of "Robbin Season" to journalists back at TCA in January. After a almost two-year hiatus for Donald Glover's Golden Globe-winning show, the series returns as Atlanta: Robbin' Season.

The Plot: In Atlanta Robbin' Season, two cousins work through the Atlanta music scene in order to better their lives and the lives of their families. "It's a very tense and desperate time", he said.

Atlanta season 2, or more accurately, Atlanta: Robbin' Season, returns to FX on March 1, 2018. "So we kind of made that the backdrop to the season and our characters are kind of going through that same desperate kind of transition".