Funeral and Visitation Scheduled for Fallen Clinton Officer

Funeral and Visitation Scheduled for Fallen Clinton Officer

That leaves the question: Why was that address in Clinton paired with the phone call from Windsor? Lowe said the two women were not injured.

Morton and two other officers were shot Tuesday night by an ex-convict after they were accidentally sent to the wrong address on a 911 call.

Following protocol for responding to 911 calls, the officers entered the home to make sure everyone was safe, Stosberg said. James Waters and Tammy Widger, both 37, were involved in drug use and Waters had a standing warrant.

Officer Christopher Ryan Morton, 30, was killed. Morton, who sounds out of breath, tells dispatchers he's in a back room of the home.

In a probable cause statement, Patrol Sgt. Brian Hagerty wrote that Widger told a fellow investigator that she helped Waters deal meth in exchange for him paying her bills. Shields did not say whether the parties spoke.

Since Tuesday night's shooting, Widger has been charged with possession of methamphetamine with the intent to distribute.

"Yes, it is a coincidence that they were called to that specific address, and it is tragic that that happened, but the fact is they were in the act of committing crimes within that house", Lowe said. "And that point in time that's when the tragedy occurred".

Lowe stressed that confusion over the 911 call was not the fault of the officers, who followed procedure responding to, and confirming the address where they were sent. The third officer, Nicholas Kasper, was treated for gunshot wounds and released Wednesday.

A SWAT team later entered the home and found Waters dead.

The mistake will be investigated as part of an ongoing probe by the highway patrol, the Henry County Sheriff's Office, the county's prosecutor and the Clinton Police Department, Lowe said. "It could have been longer than that", Lowe said. The suspected gunman, James Waters, barricaded himself inside the home after the initial hail of gunfire and then fired at the dozens of officers who rushed to the scene, refusing to let them tend to Morton, The Kansas City Star reported.

Morton replaced Michael in September full time on the force after Michael's death; Morton had temporarily become a reserve officer from February 2015 through January 2017. "Then became, just in a reserve capacity", explained Lowe. The decorated soldier served for eight years with the National Guard. He returned home in May of 2014 from Afghanistan where he served as a bridge crew member, a radio communications manager and maintained all military bridges in multiple regional commands.

The 30-year-old was from Knob Noster, Missouri, approximately 70 miles east from the metro. He attended Knob Noster High School and later studied at University of Central Missouri.

The officer killed in Clinton this week will be laid to rest Monday. The break ended after a gunman fatally shot another Clinton officer, Gary Michael, in August.

"Just because somebody says that everything is okay, we can't take that at face value".

"It may seem like a little thing, but the symbolism for us, and that nod at us that we matter means a great deal to myself, my men and to the chief", Lynch said. "The support this community gives the police department is tremendous", said Lowe. "They've endured a lot; they're going to endure more".