Headphones hurled in Telangana House, hurt chairman's eye

Headphones hurled in Telangana House, hurt chairman's eye

Two Congress MLAs were expelled from the Telangana Legislative Assembly on Tuesday while nine others were suspended for the rest of the Budget session for disrupting the proceedings of the House. Congress MLAs started protesting against the state government's indifferent attitude towards the growing agrarian crisis.

On the first day of its budget session, the state Assembly saw a ruckus when the Congress members staged a protest during the Governor E.S.L. Narasimhan's speech. They also displayed placards. One of the TRS legislators alleged that some Congress members came drunk to the Assembly. But Jana Reddy doesn't deserve such kind of treatment.

Pandamonium broke out in the Telangana Legislative Council on Monday after a Congres member hurled a mike at Chairman K Swamy Goud - injuring his right eye.

When Goud returned he mentioned some discomfort near his eye and Chief Minister K Chandrashekar Rao immediately advised him to visit a doctor. Everybody knows how KCR can not survive without consuming liquor every day. "It will prove who is drunkard and who is not", he said.

Jana Reddy himself also responded to the allegations, telling reporters, "In fact, when the marshals pushed against us, the seat I was in also got pushed back following which I moved and sat in one of the middle rows", he added.

TRS chief whip in the legislative council P Rajeshwar Reddy alleged that some of the Congress MLAs, including Komatireddy came to the assembly in inebriated condition with a malicious intention to attack the ruling party members. When the governor was delivering his speech, the chairman was seated on his right while speaker Madhusudhana Chary was to his left.

He listed out the irrigation projects, education reforms and the initiatives undertaken by the government for development of the state and welfare of the people.