Matt Damon, Ben Affleck to support inclusion rider

Matt Damon, Ben Affleck to support inclusion rider

What do those "two words" mean? The term reached wide public consciousness earlier this month at the 90th Academy Awards, when best-actress victor Frances McDormand noted it in her acceptance speech.

Matt Damon and Ben Affleck have promised to introduce inclusion riders into movie contracts for their Pearl Street Films production company.

At the Oscars, the Best Actress victor made headlines (and got a lot of people Googling) when she ended her acceptance speech with two words: "inclusion rider".

An "inclusion rider" is a clause that an actor can insist be inserted in the contract; it requires the cast and crew on a film to meet a certain level of diversity.

"On behalf of Pearl Street Films, Matt Damon, Ben Affleck, Jennifer Todd, Drew Vinton & I will be adopting the #InclusionRider for all of our projects moving forward", actor/producer Fanshen Cox DiGiovanni announced on Twitter from the South by Southwest Film Festival.

Black Panther actor Michael B Jordan was one of the first few celebrities to announce that he supports inclusion riders after McDormand's historic speech.

"@michaelb4jordan Thank you for always supporting broader representation in the industry", Cox DiGiovanni tweeted.

In her acceptance speech, McDormand honoured the other women who were nominated in various categories.

"We all have stories to tell and we need finance", McDormand said. Specifics of the rider are also undisclosed at this time.

The Annenberg Inclusion Initiative, the foremost think tank tackling diversity issues in Hollywood and that includes Cox DiGiovanni as a board member, congratulated Pearl Street Films on the announcement.