Start of the end for social media?

Start of the end for social media?

Other follow ups, though, will require some hard graft from his team.

Digital technology is no longer just one industry among many others: it is a fundamental dynamic in nearly every part of modern life and its power is only going to become greater.

"But I am committed to getting this right, and that includes the basic responsibility of protecting people's information, which we failed to do with Cambridge Analytica", he said. He met with the company's US-based vice-president of global policy management, Monika Bickert, and global deputy chief privacy officer, Stephen Deadman at a meeting in London.

In the agreement, which Facebook signed to end an investigation into privacy breaches, the company promised not to misrepresent the extent to which it maintains the privacy or security of personal information, and it said it would obtain users' affirmative consent before sharing personal information with any third party.

Even, apparently, to Mr Zuckerberg himself. Zuckerberg believes the non-user data is stored simply for security purposes.

So, how can a non-Facebook user opt-out of the data collection? "Facebook has been extremely successful in developing tools and algorithms to stop certain types of content from being pushed on the site, and we're hopeful they will do the same to stop the sale of drugs", he added.

I think there's a little bit of hypocrisy here.

Creating new regulation will be an arduous, flawed process. Everyone does. And in one sense, they're right. "I consider us to be a technology company, because the primary thing that we do is have engineers who write code and build products and services for other people", he said.

Mark Zuckerberg was challenged over "alarming reports of breaches of trust between your company - one of the biggest and most powerful in the world - and its users" by a Republican lawmaker as the second straight day of congressional hearings for the Facebook opened.

Sputnik: What do you think is going to happen as far as the regulation and as far as people are being more proactive? The government is waiting for Cambridge Analytica to respond to a similar notice before responding. It's not clear what that regulation would look like and Zuckerberg didn't offer any specifics.

My hairdresser (we are Facebook friends) told me that he was tagged as being "with" a woman he had never met and the ensuing row with his wife could have led to divorce.

Much of the effort was aimed at denigrating Democrat Hillary Clinton and thereby helping Republican Trump, or simply encouraging divisiveness and undercutting faith in the USA system.

Senators tried to put him under pressure.

- A path forward -Some analysts said Zuckerberg's appearance suggests a new path forward for social media under closer scrutiny. I will get into the details of how to do that in a future column.

If the people that represent us really want to hold Zuckerberg and Facebook accountable, we should be able to call his bluff. We see ex-trueloves wish their new loves another happy anniversary. Quite a few of these seemed like the sort of things he ought to have known.

A request to at least estimate how many of Facebook's buttons are out there might at first seem like an abstract demand - but the response could be quite something. In contrast to the information that users (more or less) willingly share, the vast majority of users have no idea that such data even exists.