Monday's Royals game in doubt due to Toronto ice

Monday's Royals game in doubt due to Toronto ice

The ice left a significant hole in the roof and led to the postponement of Monday's game against the Royals.

The game will be made up Tuesday afternoon as part of a traditional doubleheader, the Blue Jays announced late Monday afternoon.

Outside the dome, police cordoned off pedestrian areas around the CN Tower with yellow caution tape and posted signs warning of falling ice.

Police said they had blocked off the area directly under the CN Tower and the baseball stadium due to the "relatively large" blocks of ice tumbling down onto the streets and sidewalks below.

TORONTO (AP) - The Toronto Blue Jays have postponed their series opener against Kansas City because of chunks of ice crashing down from the nearby CN Tower following a weekend of freezing rain.

The Blue Jays tweeted that they are investigating whether to postpone Monday's game.

The Royals' home game Sunday against the Angels also was postponed because of weather.

The Toronto Blue Jays Roger Centre is now trying to deal with snow coming into the stadium as a piece of ice from the nearby CN Tower fell onto the roof.

There have been no injuries reported yet.

A three-day ice storm has caused havoc in Toronto, forcing school closures, leaving thousands without power and creating traffic gridlock.

Tarps were spread out along the artificial turf in right field and a hole could be seen in the roof at the downtown stadium.