Watch the Trailer for Hotel Artemis Because It Flippin' Rules

Watch the Trailer for Hotel Artemis Because It Flippin' Rules

Sterling K Brown and Sofia Boutella in 'Hotel Artemis'.

Written and directed by Drew Pearce-the screenwriter who helped write Iron Man 3 and Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation, Hotel Artemis feels like a throwback to the Die Hard/Lethal Weapon school of action movies, where all you need is one solid, weird idea and buckets of charisma and you've got a victor. However, it turns out that Waikiki took something that he wasn't supposed to: a portable vault that's disguised as a pen and is worth about $18 million.

The ensemble cast includes Jodie Foster as Nurse, Sterling K. Brown as Waikiki, Sofia Boutella as Nice, Jeff Goldblum as The Wolf King/Niagara, Brian Tyree Henry as Honolulu, Jenny Slate as Morgan, Zachary Quinto as Ilya, Charlie Day as Acapulco, and Dave Bautista as Everest. Hotel Artemis follows Foster's enigmatic healer, known in the criminal underworld as the Nurse. Pearce makes his feature length directing debut with the film, which is based on an original story and screenplay that he wrote.

The movie is written and directed by Steven Pearce.

Watch the Hotel Artemis trailer below. Hotel Artemis will serve as quirky counter-programming to the star studded Ocean's Eleven franchise spinoff Ocean's 8 during its opening weekend at the domestic box office later this year. It's the Switzerland of crime, neutral ground much like The Continental hotel in John Wick. Such is the tagline for the new Jodie Foster thriller, and now you can check out the Hotel Artemis trailer here.