Thousands Protest Election of Former President as Prime Minister in Armenia

Thousands Protest Election of Former President as Prime Minister in Armenia

He told the people the detained protesters will be set free soon, according to some arrangements.

It said due to the unpredictable nature of the protests, there could be a potential for violence and for the safety of U.S. citizens in Armenia and therefore it is recommended that they avoid the areas directly affected by these protests and continue to monitor local media for further information.

Armenia's radical opposition unleashed mass protests on April 13 against the nomination of former Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan's candidacy to the position of the country's prime minister. Armenia's new constitution approved in a 2015 referendum makes the prime minister the country's most powerful figure.

Earlier in the day protesters sought to block one of Yerevan's major thoroughfares and briefly massed outside Sarkisian's residence.

Armenians during an opposition rally in central Yerevan, the Armenian capital.

Pashinyan and his supporters are marching along city center chanting "Take a Step, Reject Serzh!" and calling the people to join them and dictate their will to the government.

"We are watching the events that are unfolding in Armenia and - most importantly - hoping that everything will be within the legal framework", said Putin's spokesman Dmitry Peskov.

Sargsyan, 63, has been in charge of the nation for a decade. BBC reports in its article Armenia parliament swears in new PM despite protests that opposition MP Nikol Pashinyan said the protests constitute a "non-violent velvet revolution".

"The overwhelming majority of the country's population wants political change", he said.

Even though the two men share the same surname, they are not related.

People have been protesting over the matter in Yerevan since Friday.