If I'm allowed to speak in Parliament, PM will run away: Rahul

If I'm allowed to speak in Parliament, PM will run away: Rahul

The Congress president slammed the NDA-led government over discriminatory politics the event. Rahul said Dalits are angry with PM Modi because of his ideology.

While challenging Prime Minister Modi, Gandhi said, "Just give me 15 minutes for a debate with the Prime Minister and I will grill him on Rafael deal, Nirav Modi". The Modi Govt is now destroying these institutions by appointing RSS ideologues to occupy important positions. Addressing Congress workers, Gandhi speaking at the Talkatora Stadium said, "the party will work for the people of India to protect them, their ideas and build their future".

During the press briefing, Raut said that the BJP and RSS leadership was systematically destroying the Constitution to wreck the country's social fabric to enforce their pernicious "Manuwadi" social order that was contrary to what the Constitution had nurtured and protected.

- "Modiji is interested only in Modiji and how he can become PM". The RSS ideology attacks the basic structure of the Indian Constitution.

"In his book Karmayog, Modi justifies manual scavenging by calling it a "spiritual experience" for the Valmiki community".

He also said that Modi is afraid of facing him in the Parliament.

"If I am allowed to speak for 15 minutes on Rafale issue in Parliament before Modi, he will not be able to withstand it", he said.

"It has happened for the first time that four judges of the Supreme Court went to the people to seek justice".

The Congress party had expressed its willingness to move the Supreme Court, if the impeachment motion was rejected by the Vice President.

He added that Modi's "Beti Bachao Beti Padhao" campaign will now have to be improvised to "Beti Bachao from BJP MLAs and MPs". All the institutions, IIT, IIM, and AIIMS all have been given to us by the Constitution, without it, nothing would have been possible.

Rahul also pointed out that the BJP won't be allowed to touch the constitution.

Rahul said that in constitutional bodies, they are being pressed.