Wildlife officers kill bear suspected of attacking girl

Wildlife officers kill bear suspected of attacking girl

Based on the description of the bear and its behavior, wildlife officers said they are confident the dead bear is the same bear involved in the attack on the girl.

A 5-year-old Colorado girl is expected to survive after being attacked by a bear.

Kimberly's mother heard screams a few minutes later and looked out the window to see her daughter being dragged off by a bear.

According to her mother, Kimberly Cyr had gone outside to investigate noises in the yard she may have thought was her dog. The mother started screaming, and the bear dropped the girl.

Pediatric surgeon Charles Breaux Jr. told reporters Sunday that the bear bit the unidentified girl on her back side but she suffered no fractures or injuries to her brain or other organs.

The little girl needed more than 70 stitches but doctors expect her to "mend very well", hospital spokeswoman Teri Cavanagh said.

After dealing with the bear, they took the animal's carcass to the Wildlife Health Laboratory in Fort Collins for a necropsy, the paper reported.

The 125lb and approximately two-year-old male bear suspected in the attack was shot by wildlife officers on Sunday night as it was walking up to a home about half a mile away from where the girl was attacked.

CPW is asking everyone to secure trash, keep pet food inside and immediately report any bear sightings to them. Wildlife officers in Mesa County are now searching for the bear to make sure no one else is attacked. "With many more people living and playing in bear country, human-bear encounters are on the rise".