Overwatch Free Weekend May 25-28 & Anniversary Celebration

Overwatch Free Weekend May 25-28 & Anniversary Celebration

As if it needed to be said, Overwatch has proven to be an incredibly successful venture for Blizzard, with the studio set to celebrate the team-based shooter's second year of availability soon by way of an official Anniversary event at the end of this month. The Anniversary event will run between May 22nd and June 11th.

"Petra is handsome", Kaplan said during Wednesday's Developer Update video. Kaplan took that moment to drop the detail about the lofty new player count that includes more than 40 million active players.

The new edition comes at a flawless time for new players considering picking up the game. For example, there is a mega health pack in the very center of the map in an area that becomes increasingly risky as the match goes on.

Kaplan then moved on to discussing the new Overwatch map that Deathmatch players will get, a free-for-all map called Petra. He also talks about the first ever free for all deathmatch season which will take place on the Chateaux and Petra maps. There's parts of the map that are great for open, long-range heroes. The Anniversary event it coincides with will not only offer new content, but also bring back old Brawl modes and make past event-specific cosmetics available once again. This will contain one guaranteed Anniversary item, as well as a random item from any previous Overwatch event.

Kaplan also hints that a handsome gentleman will have a legendary skin, as demanded many times by the Overwatch community.