EU Describes First Meeting with Iranian FM as Useful

EU Describes First Meeting with Iranian FM as Useful

Trump also said he planned to reintroduce the highest level of economic sanctions on Iran. Macron told Trump in their telephone call on Saturday that he was anxious about stability in the Middle East, according to Macron's office. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu demonstrated as much with 100,000 hidden Iranian documents that Israel found. Critics yawn, but some of those showed Iranian determination to roll ahead with its weaponizing ambition, if at a slower pace.

Already, there are meetings scheduled between European officials and their Iranian counterparts.

Deep US-European discord over Tehran is not unprecedented.

The move suggests that Beijing, unlike the European Union, is determined to maintain normal ties and trade with Iran, despite the USA urging foreign companies to wind down their operations in the region. In response, Brussels agreed reciprocal steps to protect European businesses and adopt counter-measures against the USA where restrictions were imposed by Washington. They, too, have business interests in Iran which they do not want to be jeopardised by Trump's decision.

"It is vital that we continue to engage with the U.S. and continue to interrogate our friends in Washington about how they see the nuclear deal developing".

"I don't believe we will ever be able to put Humpty-Dumpty back together again", James Clapper, former director of national intelligence, said on "Fareed Zakaria's Global Positioning System".

The deal was signed in 2015 and was created to limit Iran's nuclear activities, in exchange for the lifting of harsh worldwide economic restrictions.

"Tomorrow in Brussels, we are going to have a conversation about what we can do to help United Kingdom firms and help European firms have confidence that they can still do business". "We are on the right track. a lot will depend on what we can do in next few weeks", he said.

Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif center leaves after a meeting with European Union foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini at the Europa building in Brussels on Tuesday
EU Describes First Meeting with Iranian FM as Useful

Taking to Twitter, the US President wrote, "Iran's Military Budget is up more than 40% since the Obama negotiated nuclear deal was reached... just another indicator that it was all a big lie".

Yet, there is no doubting that European leaders are disheartened over Trump's decision which comes after high-level lobbying in Washington from Macron, Merkel and Johnson.

Whatever you think the answers to these are, we can all agree the president hadn't gone through these and dozens of other questions before deciding to pull out. The deal didn't reduce Iran's aggression, it dramatically increased it, and we see this across the entire Middle East. We are willing to maintain communication with Iran and other relevant parties. But under Trump, the United States is creating crises and relying on others to solve them. "And I will work closely with the Europeans to try and achieve that".

This US-French dialogue came to nothing. And that's the central flaw of Trump's move.

Europe took a similar path after Washington passed the ILSA legislation in 1996.

They include retaliatory sanctions, allowing the European Investment Bank to invest directly in Iran and coordinating euro-denominated credit lines from European governments. "It would not stop Iran from getting nuclear weapons".

Taken overall, transatlantic tensions are now spiking again and this could make a tricky G7 summit next month.

Conversely, while Europe may strongly disagree with Washington's unilateral exit, it too, can work to stem any trans-Atlantic fissure.