Wonder Woman 2: Patty Jenkins teases return of key character

Wonder Woman 2: Patty Jenkins teases return of key character

In doing so, Gadot-who made her first appearance as the comic book character in 2016's Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice-became the first woman to front a DC Extended Universe movie. Yes, against all odds, Steve Trevor lives, though writer-director Patty Jenkins is yet to offer an explanation for his surprise return and, frankly, that's okay, as the filmmaker is likely fighting to keep spoilers at bay.

Are you excited to see Wonder Woman in the 1980s setting?

Jenkins' image was joined by another from Gal Gadot's Twitter account - this one showing Wonder Woman silhouetted against a bank of TV screens covered in 80s-style imagery. We knew that joining Gal Gadot's Diana Prince would be Pedro Pascal (as somebody we don't know yet), Kristen Wiig's Cheetah, and some sort of cameo for original Wonder Woman Lynda Carter.

Gal Gadot takes in numerous popular television programs from 1984 in a new photo for Wonder Woman 2, or as the film looks to now be titled, Wonder Woman 1984.

What we hadn't expected, though, was for Chris Pine's character Steve Trevor to return - at least in any meaningful sense, given the explosive events of Wonder Woman.

The first movie does jolt back and forth across time between the present and World War I, and Wonder Woman appears in other DC films set in the modern era. Where did he get that tracksuit and how is it the most toned-down thing happening in this neon '80s dreamscape?

Wonder Woman 2 is now set to hit theaters on November 1, 2019.