No, Netflix isn't going to stream a Minecraft video game

No, Netflix isn't going to stream a Minecraft video game

Our statement ended with a final note laying out how Netflix views the broader landscape of interactive entertainment, video games, and how the difference between the two defines the company's approach to embracing one but not the other. TechRadar now believes these impressions to be inaccurate, and the game will "instead play similarly to titles like Puss in Book: Trapped in an Epic Tale and Buddy Thunderstruck: The Maybe Pile, which let younger viewers choose how the story unfolds". While services like PlayStation Now have seen some success, interactive adventure games are much better suited to the format.

The company then confirmed that they are now developing a game based on Stranger Things - though wider details about the game are still scarce at the moment, with console compatibility and release dates yet to be confirmed.

Telltale Games and Netflix have confirmed that Minecraft: Story Mode is coming to Netflix later this year.

It further stated that Stranger Things: The Game will be headed to mainstream gaming platforms via Telltale Games in future, and Netflix's role in this will be limited to marketing and promotion.

TechRadar initially reported that the service will be announcing a partnership with Telltale Games that will bring Minecraft: Story Mode, the episodic series, to the service.

There are no specific details for the Stranger Things game yet.

UPDATE: Netflix got back to us.

Sources tell TechRadar that the games will be delivered to Netflix subscribers as video files which will be capable of accepting commands from any remote with directional and select buttons.

At the moment however, no deal between Netflix and Telltale Games has been made official, though the sources say that an announcement of such a partnership is imminent. Thus, the idea of Netflix hosting streaming games is not exactly the biggest news ever, but it does show that Netflix is ready to expand into new media territory.

Sources say that playable demos of the experience have been in existence for at least the a year ago, and that an announcement of the partnership "could happen any day".

Everyone has been talking about a video game version of Netflix.