Camera-maker Light is bringing nine lenses to a smartphone

Camera-maker Light is bringing nine lenses to a smartphone

Imagine a smartphone sporting as many as nine cameras. For those who do not know the brand, Light is a for-profit company focused on revolutionizing the photo industry. As insane as it sounds, Light, the company behind the L16 camera with 16 lenses on one side (see the video at the bottom of this article), is said to be working on a handset. The L16 is nothing to turn one's nose up at dismissively. But it looks like the number of lenses or sensors on a smartphone could go up to nine, thanks to a camera company called Light, which is working on such a device. Light's L16 grabs a photo with multiple focal lengths and uses special engineering to combine over 10 images - taken in one shot - into a single, high-def resolution 52mp photo. This pocketable camera comes with quite a hefty price.

Currently, the L16 costs $1,950, according to the report.

Camera manufacturer Light is reportedly working on a prototype phone with nine rear cameras, according to The Washington Post.

Apple and Samsung already have a version of this design, only using merely two lenses on the phones.

It's unclear whether Light will create the multi-lens phone itself, or if it is working with a current smartphone maker to bring the handset to market.

It's not clear whether Light aspires to be the next big smartphone company, or if it's simply betting that its notional multi-camera smartphone's unique selling proposition lures enough customers to make a profit.

The device is not much thicker than an iPhone X.


Its many other perks include 5x optical zoom, ultra-low light performance and depth of field control. Even the release date remains a mystery.