All-Star guard Rondo joins LeBron's revamped Lakers

All-Star guard Rondo joins LeBron's revamped Lakers

The most sought after free agent in Basketball has finally chosen his next destination, and LeBron James' decision to join the LA Lakers has had a huge impact on NBA betting markets.

LeBron will also need to coexist with two characters who put the LA in LA LA Land, point guard Lonzo Ball's loudmouthed-pop LaVar and former ear-blowing Indiana Pacer turned Laker Lance Stephenson.

ESPN, Sports Illustrated, The Los Angeles Times and New Orleans Times-Picayune reported Rondo will sign a one-year deal with the Lakers for USD9 million after releasing forward Julius Randle to free up space under the National Basketball Association salary cap.

Bryant recalled how Hall of Fame Lakers guard Magic Johnson once welcomed him to the team with open arms. All signs point to the Lakers targeting the 2019 free agency class to get their second star player to pair with James. Through scheduling meetings and signing key pieces to surround new superstar LeBron James, the Laker legend is showing he means business.

The best player of his generation might no longer be the best recruiter in the league.

The elder Ball has had plenty to say about his son's career with the Lakers. "He's just got that special gift".

"Lonzo's not 6-1 or 6-2 like Kyrie".

A source told Shelburne that the Lakers felt a sense of urgency this week to find a co-star to play alongside James, either through free agency with George or through a trade for Leonard. "Lonzo's not ball-dominant where he's just dribbling the ball and you watching him to do a crossover". In any event, in an interview Tuesday with TMZ Sports, Ball was happy to explain his logic behind claiming that Golden State's addition of Demarcus "Boogie" Cousins hardly made it "a wrap" for this season's championship.

It's hilarious to watch so-called Lakers fans publicly pondering whether they can still support the team with James on board. However, it is a bit disappointing that the Lakers followed up this momentous occasion by adding players that don't maximize LeBron's chances of competing for a championship this upcoming season.