Flight love connection captures the attention of Twitter users

Flight love connection captures the attention of Twitter users

It's not often that the man you've secretly been recording during your flight turns out to be a former professional soccer player. "If there's a message going out, it's that there's still hope". "We couldn't have picked a better romantic duo, they were both athletic and cute, and they struck up a conversation immediately", said Rosie Blair, the Twitter user whose feed had everyone following along - in real time - as she live-tweeted.

On a July 2 flight from NY to Dallas, Blair and her boyfriend apparently swapped seats with a woman so they could sit together. When the woman and her new male seat partner-described by Blair as "hunky"-started to hit it off, Blair breathlessly chronicled the whole thing in an Instagram story more than 40 slides long, which she then posted to Twitter".

The series of Tweets has garnered almost 240,000 retweets and over 590,000 likes as of the time of this story's publication. "Very attractive and handsome and has a lot to say for herself, very intelligent", he said.

Thanks to Blair we know the two shared a cheese protein board, exchanged photos of each other's family, both are into fitness and followed each other on social media.

The two even ended up walking off the plane together and Euan later connected with Blair.

By this point in the plane ride, Rosey's tweets had gathered thousands of avid followers, who were just as keen to see the two get together as she was.

Blair said her boyfriend, who was also on the flight, found the fellow passengers' Instagram accounts and confirmed they were single, based in Dallas and now following each other on social media.

Holden joked on Twitter that the viral notoriety had earned him the nickname "Plane Bae".

He added that they are planning to meet again soon.