Kavanaugh appointment 'to reverse civil right gains', groups warn

Kavanaugh appointment 'to reverse civil right gains', groups warn

Law professor and former George W. Bush official John Yoo says they couldn't be more wrong. He's well-educated. And with that, you know, we have to just look at making sure that the rule of law and the Constitution is going to be followed, and that's going to basically preempt anything else he does.

"They'll pick a certain opinion, or speculate about what Judge Kavanaugh might do on a particular issue, but this is really about their dislike for President Trump". It would give the court a potential five-vote conservative majority, enough to overturn Roe v. Wade, giving women the right to an abortion. Do they think if they blocked Kavanaugh, Trump would name a moderate?

In other words, Kavanaugh does believe that letting a president be president while he's in office and deferring non-presidential litigation until after he leaves is good policy. "It's not. And Brett understands that".

Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley, whose panel will hold Kavanaugh's confirmation hearing and eventually vote on whether his nominee should be referred to the full Senate, said he expects the consideration process to be "thorough".

At the announcement, Kavanaugh stood with his wife and two daughters and said he was "humbled" by the nomination. In one especially revealing and controversial 2010 case, he and Judge Janice Rogers Brown concluded that, notwithstanding the Hamdi decision, the courts should ignore worldwide law - even the possibility that a detention might violate such law - in construing Congress's authorization of the executive to hold the Guantanamo detainees.

"An "operative" makes it sound like someone who just sort of didn't care what the facts were and was only interested in painting it in its most unflattering" light, Leipold said. "It didn't matter what I thought or what Brett thought in particular".

In Wednesday's podcast, Fallon said he believes Kaine is "one of the most honorable men in politics" but disagrees with his approach to Kavanaugh's nomination.

On the other hand, Cornyn said, Trump should be congratulated for nominating somebody whose record is so long that "people can evaluate on their own, fairly".

But: Manchin released a statement strongly suggesting that Kavanaugh's opinions on preserving parts of Obamacare will be a deciding factor for the senator. "But I'm also the only senator who has ever worked at Planned Parenthood".

I think he seems to be a very fine person of high moral standards, a family person who's very involved in his community, has all the right qualities. In place of a permanent class of royalty and nobility, we have created a permanent political class in Washington, D.C. The remedy is not merely packing each branch of government with "our guys", but in realizing that the best chance for freedom and progress can be achieved when government is confined to the roles set out for it in the Constitution. "He cared about the details".

Alabama Sen. Doug Jones is a Democrat representing a red state, which probably has something to do with his open mind to Trump's Supreme Court nominee. "He clearly is qualified for the job", Collins said.

"A pox on both their houses", Leipold said.

But the presidency of Donald Trump has changed the game for the left.

Nevertheless, Democrats warn that nothing is certain, and they point to remarks President TrumpDonald John TrumpEx-Russia ambassador: Trump has done more damage to North Atlantic Treaty Organisation in months than Russia has in decades Trump takes credit for increased defense spending by North Atlantic Treaty Organisation allies, but says "it isn't almost enough" Trump questions how Russia probe can "proceed" given Federal Bureau of Investigation agent's private comments MORE made on the campaign trail in 2015 about how he would want his judicial appointees to overturn ObamaCare.