Woolworths Recalls Frozen Rice Mix Amid European Listeriosis Outbreak

Woolworths Recalls Frozen Rice Mix Amid European Listeriosis Outbreak

"Food safety is of critical importance to Woolworths and we take all issues regarding the production of our food extremely seriously".

When you're cooking up a storm and you still have to put the pot of rice on the stove, it can be a bit of an effort.

"The products affected contain a particularly unsafe strain of listeria and are being recalled as a precautionary measure to ensure consumers are protected", chief executive Peter May said.

The company added none of their other frozen sweetcorn or vegetable products are affected.

The recall of the frozen vegetables originating from Belgium and Hungary was issued on Monday.

So there were definitely people out there out there throwing bags of frozen rice into their trollies and saying thank you to the retailer for making their life easier.

However, Woolworths is voluntarily recalling this product as a precautionary measure, on the global instruction of the Hungarian Food Safety Agency.

More than 200 people died in a major listeriosis outbreak in South Africa that was linked to Enterprise factories producing cold meats.

The full list of foods affected by the bacteria have now been revealed, and consumers should be trying their best to avoid them.

There is concerns the products have possible microbial (Listeria monocytogenes) contamination.

In South Africa, Health Minister Aaron Motsoaledi first confirmed the outbreak in December previous year.

Listeriosis, caused by Listeria, is a flu-like disease which weakens the immune systems and causes fever muscles aches and diarrhoea.

Customers are being advised not to eat them, and instead return them to the store in exchange for a refund. This can lead to more serious problems including meningitis (a brain infection) and septicaemia (blood poisoning).

The Greenyard statement continues: "We are in close contact with competent authorities to assess further information together and we fully support any further research, as food safety and the health of consumers are obviously our number one priority". Thorough cooking ensures that the product is safe.